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Sonja Brady

Sonja discovered from an MRI that her sciatic pain was being caused by a bulging disc. The pain was not yet debilitating. “On a scale of one to ten, I would say my pain level was probably at a four,” Brady recalled. “I decided that I could not wait to do something about it until I was in a surgery situation. Dr. Cook recommended non-surgical spinal decompression. Now my pain is at a zero.” Brady said she went for 18 treatments in a row and now she visits Dr. Cook once a month. “His entire staff is great. I can say he really cares about his patients and wants to help all of them as much as he possibly can.”

Ken Sherman

Ken is a 64-year- old retired high school principal, said non-surgical spinal decompression – combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet – has allowed him to continue to return to an active lifestyle. “I was an active athlete for much of my life,” Sherman said. “I slacked off and gained a lot of weight, but I am now doing more than I have ever done.” Sherman said he has a protruding disc, and while it causes him “a fair degree of foot numbness” he is still able to bike 7,000 miles a year. “I am able to perform at a level that lots of folks even much younger than I cannot, and I do it without pain,” Sherman said. “Dr. Cook has provided amazing, life-altering support for me.”

Bob Googe, Owner of Jittery Joe's

"As a long distance cyclist I have worked with a chiropractor to reduce lower back pain and optimize performance for many years. Dr. Ken Cook is by far the best adjuster of any I have ever used. My youngest daughter is a top 10 competitive gymnast and he regularly takes care of her to insure she is in top competitive form. As a former UGA Gymnast Dr. Cook is also able to coach her on better form and body mechanics enabling her to increase performance and reduce injuries while she competes. To put it mildly I highly recommend Dr. Ken Cook!"

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